Why men should carry a leather bag and why they should give importance to the one they choose?

Don Draper with a leather briefcase

No need to be a Don Draper to appreciate and carry a great leather bag. Men leather bags are increasingly becoming popular amongst all ages and lines of work and a great deal of various models, notably classical ones redesigned for our era exist. It may feel for a few of us rather odd carrying a neat leather briefcase or satchel but rest assured, leather bags are not exclusive to women.

After all, even that brave Indiana Jones had a kick ass leather satchel bag, remember?

Indiana Jones with a leather satchel

Gents, let us remind you that this accessory, originally appearing in its embryonic form in Britain in the 18th century with the Budget Briefcase, has been popularized in its modern form during the 19th and 20th century by the French and Italian leather goods industries, to become a symbol of men’s elegance. Today’s models are compact, softer, and more modern and can be carried conveniently. With our tech era and the need to carry our laptops to work, it makes sense more than ever to have an awesome leather bag. Seriously, with all those tech devices we use daily, not to mention work documents, notebooks and wallet, good luck carrying them around in something else than a bag or backpack, unless you have some really deep pockets – literally speaking.

Back to our childhood...

Malcolm with a leather tote bag

Who hasn’t experienced that period of our childhood where we used to carry backpacks to school with our books and belongings? However, if back then we didn’t give a hoot about that backpack we carried and how it affected our style, which was still taking shape back then, caring about the accessory we carry after 23 is paramount.

A great leather briefcase or satchel can be a fatal fashion accessory to our overall look and style. Why spending so much effort to look sharp only to ruin it all with an average-looking bag? Many dapper men give a lesser importance to this small detail or simply find hard times finding the right bag that would fit their style whichever their outfit. This is why when it comes down to your final choice, spend enough time picking the right bag for your personality, your style, your work and the situations in which you’ll be using it and think of it as an accessory that will add that little extra to your look.

Now you know saying that “carrying a leather bag isn’t manly” is a bullshit excuse and that it’s quite the opposite. You also know that it doesn’t take any guts to carry a briefcase or satchel, it’s utterly normal and will even enhance your style. Remember that we’ve never lived in an era where the need of a bag has been so high. And finally, you know that choosing the right bag for you is important.

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