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Why men should carry a leather bag and why they should give importance to the one they choose?

No need to be a Don Draper to appreciate and carry a great leather bag. Men leather bags are increasingly becoming popular amongst all ages and lines of work and a great deal of various models, notably classical ones redesigned for our era exist. It may feel for a few of us rather odd carrying a neat leather briefcase or satchel but rest assured, leather bags are not exclusive to women. After all, even that brave Indiana Jones had a kick ass leather satchel bag, remember? Gents, let us remind you that this accessory, originally appearing in its embryonic form in Britain in the 18th century with the Budget Briefcase, has been popularized in its modern form during the 19th...

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KANZEK's Guide On How To Choose The Perfect High-Quality Work Bag

Undoubtedly, a practical work bag is a paramount accessory for dynamic men and women. This only gets more relevant in our tech era where one carries a phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, documents and other essentials. It just seems like the more technology advances and job positions evolve, the more stuff we need to carry around, huh. So, how can one choose the perfect high-quality leather bag for use at work? There is a bunch of parameters to take into account for the 101 of picking a quality leather work bag, those include but are not limited to: Functionality Practicality Sturdiness and Craftsmanship Leather type and quality Zippers and accessories quality Weight Overall design Obviously, the order of those is up to your...

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