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Why outsourcing can be dangerously exploiting in the fashion industry and why we seem unable to shake off its shackles?

Margins, savings, efficiency. Profits.   It's nothing new to human civilization, right?   What's definitely shocking though is how, in 2015, we are still able to close our eyes and overlook human disasters and inhuman practices that simply seem to overweight the value of a human being, an unpleasant reality that has overtaken the fashion industry, much before the tech one. Two months ago was the two-years "anniversary" of the deadly disaster of the Raza Plaza, which occurred in Bangladesh and led to the death of more than one thousand people. That day, the race for operational efficiency and cost-cutting swept away lives.  It's really hard to fathom how some companies seem to be fine with paying their workers $10 to $13 a week. Yet, the...

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