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What is KANZEK?

We are a new leather goods brand born in 2015, created by Othmane and Alexandre, two young guys working in the finance and venture capital industries who are passionate about startups and creating awesome stuff. Our workshop is based in Marrakech, in Morocco. At KANZEK, our goal is to create unparalleled high-quality bags and other leather goods, using premium material, collaboratively, transparently and without the retail markup. We strive to ensure our products stand out from the crowd and follow a theme-based approach and features set by our community members. The theme of our 2015 launch collection is Business: highly functional, classy and elegant bags. Our manifesto best describes us and our business ethos.

    What does "KANZEK" mean?

    In Moroccan dialect, phonetically, "KNZK" means "your treasure". In classical arabic, the word is rather litterally pronounced as "KANZOUKA". Our name reflects our business ethos of valuing our customers and reflects the nature of our products that are delivered right to our customers' doorsteps in a beautiful treasure-like packaging.

      What makes you different from all the existing brands?

      Value through original designs and quality, Price through affordability without sacrificing quality, Transparency through a transparent pricing and business practices. We use premium material to make quality bags for around 40% less than our competitors - and we're not even considering how awesomely original our bags are. Our manifesto and landing page best describe our differentiation.


      How does your markup compare to that of usual retailers?

      Retailers usually apply a x4 and up to x8 markup on average, which means that for a bag with a final cost of $100, the end-consumer would have to pay $400 to $800 to get it. Crazy and not cool for consumers, right?

      Yup! Which is why on average we never exceed a x1.5 - x2 markup per product, which after careful forecasting is just enough to allow us to cover for risks and grow in an acceptable pace. We will be disclosing details of our costs and margins on our product pages and blog.

        What is your shipping policy?

        We offer worldwide free shipping on all orders above $89. On orders below that threshold, a shipping rate of $10 to $30 should be expected. The status of your order and shipment can be tracked in real time.

        We ship with DHL Express. Yes, not only is our shipping free, but it's also crazy fast. Delivery to EU takes around 48 hours to 72 hours. As we run lean, we might need sometimes 2 to 5 business days to process your order.

          What is your return policy?

          We accept returns upon no later than 14 days of delivery and after receiving an email notification from you informing us about the reason of the return. The returned item and packaging should be in a perfect unworn condition. Unfortunately, we won't be able to cover the return costs, unless the payment has been made through PayPal in which case PayPal can offer a refund guarantee. We do our utmost to ensure our products are exactly what you've always wished for. You'll have to include a note notifying the customs that it's a return to avoid any customs taxes. The returned items are exchanged for store credits, for other comparable items or you can ask for a refund.

            How do you handle VAT and customs?

            We ship Delivery Duty Paid right to your doorsteps. This means we take care of everything. Yup, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Whatever your location, the prices mentioned for each of our products are the final prices and include shipping, VAT & other applicable taxes and customs.

              How does the Referral Program work?

              Our Referral Program rewards our community members for Visits, Sales and Checkouts made by the referred persons. During our pre-launch phase, we are solely collecting email addresses of people interested in our products and brand. During this phase, our Referral tracking system gives priority to Signups over Visits and allows you to track Visits, Sales and Checkouts only and not Signups. This means that we track Signups manually from our end to validate each Reward level. Hence, our "5$ off" reward would be validated as soon as you referred 5 people who signed up, even if this occurs before hitting the 30 Visits threshold. Simultaneously, reaching the 30 visits threshold without reaching 5 referred people won't validate the Reward level. A valid Visit is a genuine unique visit made by one single person. A valid Signup is a genuine real email signup made by one single person. We use IP blocking and email bouncing tests & other controls to ensure the validity of each event. For your share link to properly track Signups, make sure the &utm_source parameter is included on it with the appropriate value. By entering our Referral Program you acknowledge and accept the above-mentioned rules.

                How does the #KANZEKtalk Program work?

                The #KANZEKtalk Program allows our active community members to contribute to the making of our bags and leather goods. This is done through feedback, discussions and participation to our interactive surveys to vote and help us make the perfect product our customers want. Our Designer Program allows our creative members to send design ideas that are afterwards subject to the vote of our community. If kept, the design is launched onto production and the designer is rewarded with a commission. Shoot us an email if you're a young creative with an Yves-Saint-Laurent talent.


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