We think you should be spending less while being able to buy a high quality leather bag that truly defines yourself and your changing personal styles. You are unique, no fashion fad, trend forecasting agency nor runway should tell you how to dress. You should have a say in what your favorite brand offers, be properly rewarded for your contribution and loyalty and know the cost of what you're paying for. We pledge to be the disruptive brand to offer you that.

At KANZEK, we make original high quality bags and leather goods without the retail markup, collaboratively and transparently for dynamic and sophisticated people.



Optimizing for the best value and the smallest cost is our specialty. Getting your hand on a high quality leather bag without breaking the bank is no easy task. But by selling directly to you, we cut all the middlemen costs and save you the excessive retail markup that other brands apply. We do it while providing you carefully handmade bags and leather goods made out of high quality full grain calf or vegetable-tanned lamb leather with a unique patina and high-end accessories by experienced craftsmen in our own workshop. While usual retailers use a x4 to x8 markup, our products never exceed a x1.5 to x2 markup and are on average 40% cheaper than comparable competitors' bags.



Creativity and collaboration define us. We create unparalleled bags and leather goods that match your changing personal styles and your needs through a constant communication with you: you help us design them. This means our products are highly original and not to be found elsewhere. Our most engaged customers will join our Design and #KANZEKtalk Programs to be at the forefront of our Collaborative Product Development Process. Our products are aimed at serving purposes and fulfilling needs while matching various theme-based styles like business and functionality. We do not set boundaries to their creativity or quirkiness because that would mean setting limits to your creativity and needs. 



We would not be a real community-oriented brand if we were not fully transparent. We use a transparent pricing and we share through our blog information regarding our business, would it be our costs, margins, revenues, growth or various stories. Through our Community Program, we are present on major social networks to exchange with you including on private and public web discussion rooms to get you involved in the making of our handbags. We also aggregate data related to your engagement in our #KANZEKtalk program and properly reward you for it. 

Our current Business Collection is highly design and functional, meant to perfectly fit the requirements of any dynamic gentlewoman or gentleman. That could be just you.

So let us team up and provide you with the affordable stylish high quality leather bags that you want.