Our Difference

Quality at a fair price

A great bag starts with great material. We give a tremendous importance to the material that goes into the making of our bags and leather goods and that is why we use high quality full grain lamb and calf leather, premium accessories and beautiful linings. Our bags are priced at less than 349$, making them up to 45% cheaper than our competitors', without sacrificing quality.

The premium leather we use is sourced from the best modern tanneries in Morocco, a country with a 10-centuries-old tradition of leather tanning. Our leather looks elegant, beautiful and rich.


Unparalleled designs, thought collaboratively

We make original bags and leather goods with beautiful designs. Our products are highly functional, ergonomic, creative and classically elegant. They stand out from the crowd and we use your feedback to make them perfect.

We dare endeavouring in audacious designs. Our products are the embodiment of our community members' wishes and needs. We like to believe that being yourself is more important than dressing according to "what's fashionable" and we are on a mission to make the best handbags you will need.


Solid craftsmanship, care and attention

We do not externally outsource our manufacturing process. All our handbags are made in our own workshop in Marrakech, with care and attention. Each handbag is handmade and goes through a lenghty manufacturing process by our team of experienced craftsmen.

From the careful cutting to the slightest gentle press on the sewing machine directed by the skilled moves of our craftsmen's hands, each handbag is a multiple-hours work of patience and delight, while every handbag made out of our vegetable lamb leather is a unique timeless piece of art and character.

Radical transparency

We disclose the cost of our products so you know what you are paying for. Efforts to make human, collaborative and transparent businesses are shy. We think it is high time you stopped paying for huge markups and that you should have a say in what your favorite brand offers.


A community-oriented brand

We collaboratively make timeless theme-based pieces not to be found elsewhere, with the help of our community. We involve you in the making of our bags and leather goods by making theme-based products based on your feedback, your styles and your needs.