Our Story

We are a freshly-born leather goods brand based in Marrakech and piloted from Paris. We are on a mission to create highly original bags and leather goods using premium material, without the retail markup, with a transparent pricing and collaboratively. Our products are for dynamic people who seek unparalleled designs without breaking the bank.


It all started in a holiday trip to Marrakech. That fascination which urges millions of tourists to flock to the wonders of this city finally got us. A heritage of more than 10 centuries of leather tanning, the very origin of the French word maroquinerie, a unique legacy of talented craftsmanship, a treasure of unparalleled creative artworks embodied in handbags... It was all there, waiting to be taken a step further, to be showcased to the entire world, to be given modernity and a chance to shine.

Then KANZEK was born out of a vision reflected in the meaning of our very name, a name that translates to “your treasure”. It was born out of a need and wish we had ourselves: we wished we were able to get beautiful and original leather bags that would make us feel unique and best reflect our changing personal styles without paying an outrageous premium for the brand and while having a say in it. We wanted to find the perfect balance between bespoke and design clothing applied to leather goods.

We created KANZEK with the spirit to foster creativity and collaboration to make unparalleled high quality bags and leather goods, without paying a king’s ransom. Along creativity and collaboration, we believe in proximity: more than a brand, we are building a transparent community for people who care about beauty and originality, about their style and pocket but also about responsible business practices and transparency.


The Founders

Othmane & Alexandre