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Brown 15.6" Leather Laptop Bag - The Dollar Gent Briefcase

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With its unique Vintage look, the Vintage Cognac version of The Dollar Gent Briefcase is the perfect leather laptop briefcase for business people wanting a casual and original look in a professional environment.

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Meet the perfect 15.6" leather laptop briefcase for business people.

  • Leather briefcase in brown with a unique vintage cognac patina.

  • Compact with 15.6" Width x 10.5" Height x 2.3" Depth.

  • Perfect for carrying a 15" laptop.

  • Full grain calf leather, the best type of leather.

  • Premium metal zippers in antique brass.

Brown 15.6" Leather Laptop Bag - The Dollar Gent Briefcase

Ultra modern with an original and unique vintage look.

  • Soft rounded edges.

  • Clean minimalist yet bold aesthetics.

  • A true business briefcase.

  • Perfect for a formal outfit too.

  • A unique adventurous yet professional look.

Brown 15.6" Leather Laptop Bag - The Dollar Gent Briefcase
Brown 15.6" Leather Laptop Bag - The Dollar Gent Briefcase

An incredible vintage patina.

  • An outstanding cognac leather patina.

  • The older it gets, the more unique it becomes.

  • And yet, very resistant to water and marks.

Brown 15.6" Leather Laptop Bag - The Dollar Gent Briefcase

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Buy it on Amazon for $269!

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Top-of-the-class craftsmanship and quality materials.

  • Flawless stitching.

  • Outstanding attention to details in the assembling.

  • Smooth full grain calf leather.

  • A work of art and love.

Brown 15.6" Leather Laptop Bag - The Dollar Gent Briefcase

See those handles? You'll love touching them.

  • Sturdy and stiff handles.

  • A comfortable handles' shape.

Brown 15.6" Leather Laptop Bag - The Dollar Gent Briefcase

A Classy and Functional Interior.

  • Soft suede-like lining.

  • High functionality features.

  • 2 side compartments.

  • A phone pocket.

  • A wallet-like business cards holder.

  • A pen holder.

Brown 15.6" Leather Laptop Bag - The Dollar Gent Briefcase


Dimensions - cm:

40 Width x 27 Height x 6 Depth.

Dimensions - in:

15.6 Width x 10.5 Height x 2.3 Depth.

Version / Colors:

Vintage Cognac.


Full grain calf leather.

Pockets and compartments:

One exterior pocket, two large inner pouches, a pen holder, a wallet-like business cards holder.


1.0 Kg.

Can a 15" MacBook fit inside?

Yup. It's tailor-made to make it perfectly fit without having loose space.

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Quality materials & craftsmanship

The Vintage Cognac version of The Dollar Gent Briefcase is made of a unique Vintage Cognac full grain calf leather, the best type of leather. The Nylon thread stitching of a brown color perfectly blends in and grants the briefcase an utter sturdiness. The solid and beautiful Golden Brass metal zipper from the premium Excella line of YKK ensures the bag will open and close smoothly for a zillion time while keeping your expensive laptop safe and coddled.

The lining is from our usual suede-like soft fabric in a brown color, which perfectly mixes with the zipper and the leather colors. It also adds an elegant and premium look to the bag.

The Dollar Gent Briefcase is made in our own workshop by our team of two experienced master craftsmen. Its production currently takes up to 6 hours.

The story behind

Do you have two facets? Bold yet steady, serious yet unusual? You seek blending in without going unnoticed and your daily dynamism asks for a briefcase to carry your essentials fashionably, notably to work?

Dynamic gents need a functional and beautiful work bag to carry their essentials. We designed The Dollar Gent Briefcase as the perfect business briefcase for men. This daily companion can carry your laptop, documents and other items perfectly. Its design is both minimalist and original with the diagonal decorative band that crosses it from the upper to the lower edges alongside the diagonal opening of the outer pocket.

Yet it's not just about design. Colors and textures create a flow of various looks and feelings. Each of our variants grants your briefcase a unique aura. Want a modern sporty yet classy and sober look? Go for the Dark Navye Blue version. You're more into a relaxed casual look? Try the Vintage Cognac version. Want to keep it classy in an original way? The Black and Cognac version might be what you need.

What's sure is that you won't go unnoticed at work with it.

KANZEK's transparency

We tell you our costs so you know what you're paying for. This awesome bag costs us around $78 excluding marketing, labour costs and other overheads expenses. On each bag sold, we make around $100 from which we need to cover our fixed costs and make profits:

Leather and lining:




Shipping to the US:


Our gross margin:


What you would have with a traditional retail model:

$350 to $400

Reminder of our break-even point:

18 bags sold per month

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