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Brown 12" Leather Laptop Folio - The Slim Safe Portfolio

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With its unique Vintage look, the Vintage Cognac version of The Slim Safe Portfolio is the perfect leather zippered executive portfolio for the person in need of a handy and light organizer to carry her documents and tablet or ultrabook.

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One of the best leather portfolios you'll ever see.

  • Leather portfolio in vintage cognac with a unique patina.

  • Compact with 34 Width x 24 Height x 1.8 Depth.

  • Perfect for carrying a 12" ultrabook or tablet.

  • Full grain calf leather, the best type of leather.

  • Premium metal zippers in a golden brass finish.

  • Light and compact, yet ultra functional.

Brown 12" Leather Laptop Folio - The Slim Safe Portfolio

A premium fashion-forward yet minimalist design.

  • Soft rounded edges.

  • Clean aesthetics.

  • A smart solution for carrying your documents and ultrabook.

  • Upscale your aura in business meetings with it.

Brown 12" Leather Laptop Folio - The Slim Safe Portfolio

Functionality at its best.

  • Engineering applied to leather goods.

  • Two main separate compartments.

  • A pen holder

  • A phone pocket.

  • A tablet compartment.

  • A business cards holder

  • Two documents' or tablet compartments including a secret one.

Brown 12" Leather Laptop Folio - The Slim Safe Portfolio
Brown 12" Leather Laptop Folio - The Slim Safe Portfolio

The king of smart storage.

  • Store everything at its right place.

  • Stop losing your items.

  • Look geniously-organized.

Brown 12" Leather Laptop Folio - The Slim Safe Portfolio
Brown 12" Leather Laptop Folio - The Slim Safe Portfolio
Brown 12" Leather Laptop Folio - The Slim Safe Portfolio


Dimensions - cm:

34 Width x 24 Height x 1.8 Depth.

Dimensions - in:

13.3 Width x 9.4 Height x 0.7 Depth.

Version / Colors:

Vintage Cognac.


Full grain calf leather.

Pockets and compartments:

A pen holder, a phone pocket, a tablet compartment, a business cards holder, two documents' compartments including a secret one.


0.7 Kg.

Can a tablet fit inside? An ultrabook?

Yup. Actually, a 12" inch MacBook Air fits inside while you can still arrange a few documents.

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Quality materials & craftsmanship

The VC version of The Slim Safe Portfolio is made of a unique Vintage Cognac full grain calf leather, the best type of leather. The Nylon thread stitching of a brown color perfectly blends in and grants the portfolio an utter sturdiness. The solid and beautiful Golden Brass metal zipper from the premium Excella line of YKK ensures the bag will open and close smoothly for a zillion time while keeping your classified documents and ultra thin ultrabook in a fancy place.

The interior of the portfolio, through pockets and compartments, is 80% in leather. The 20% left is made with a lining that is from our usual suede-like soft fabric in a brown color, which perfectly mixes with the zipper and the leather colors. It also adds an elegant and premium look to the portfolio.

The Slim Safe Portfolio is made in our own workshop by our team of two experienced master craftsmen. Its production currently takes up to 6 hours.

The story behind

Do you appreciate vintage yet classy looks? You're dapper enough that a slim business portfolio is just what you need for work? Afterall, why would you carry more than what you need when such a lightweight and slim accessory can be enough?

Dynamic persons who don't need to carry too much items to work or to a business meeting can stick to a business portfolio. We designed The Slim Safe Portfolio as the most practical and functional portfolio to carry your documents and ultrabook, without complications, while ensuring you'd look serious and dapper with it.

Because having each item in its appropriate place is essential, we made sure The Slim Safe Portfolio has enough pockets and secret compartments so you have more time getting things done and spend less time looking for your stuff.

Opening The Slim Safe Portfolio and taking out your documents will always be a delightful pleasure.

KANZEK's transparency

We tell you our costs so you know what you're paying for. This awesome portfolio costs us around $71 excluding marketing, labour costs and other overheads expenses. On each bag sold, we make around $100 from which we need to cover our fixed costs and make profits:

Leather and lining:




Shipping to the US:


Our gross margin:


What you would have with a traditional retail model:

$270 to $350

Reminder of our break-even point:

16 bags sold per month

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Brown 12
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$249 USD

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